Helping startups scale & innovate

Product management  consulting and executive coaching for scaleups from an Ex-Googler.

Build new products

I help you build new products through a unique customer led innovation process.

Scale your existing products

Do you need to increase revenue per customers?
I can help you find ways to scale your product and increase customer value.

Product and executive coaching

Great teams make products customers want to buy. I help executives and product leaders through coaching and problem solving key team issues.  

Creating awesome product teams.

The product role is arguably the hardest role in a startup. You have to juggle the needs of executives, engineers, customers, sales, investors all while creating an awesome product that makes money but doesn't break if it makes too much money! We want to make this easier for you.

Here is what we can help with:

Helping you hire great product executives and product managers
Coaching your product people so they are empowered to do their best work.

Understanding how to attract your first customers and keep them

Early Stage Startup Coaching.
Product coaching for scale ups.

Building products customers love

You have achieved product-market fit at least for one of your products, you have customers and revenue but is growth slowing? I can help you build new products and find ways to increase value in your existing products.

We can help with:

Scaling and growing your business model
Retaining your customers and increasing their life time value!
Hiring and making sure your people are happy

How we can help

We provide coaching and consulting services to help you shape you product and product organisation. Here is what we can help with:-

Problems we can help with:-

Strategy: Developing a clear product strategy that is bought in by all the important people.
Growth issues: Losing customers, slowing revenue, unclear on mission/vision, running out of money and attracting investors.
Product issues: Scaling, pricing, metrics, design, good product management practices
People issues: Hiring the right people, motivating them, cofounder issues
Helping business with product management coaching & consulting.

What our customers say

Meet Isis

Superpower: Seeing elegant and innovative solutions in chaos and accelerating the growth of startups.

Isis has spent 20 years in Tech product management helping grow startups from unicorns such as Google to running the Silicon valley based founders Institute Accelerator program to mentoring early-stage startups through programs like Curtin University's Accelerate and Ignition as their Entrepreneur in Residence. She has also recently started Angel Investing and is a First Believer through the Blackbird. She most recently left her executive job in a startup she helped grow from ~$100 million in revenue to well over $2 billion dollars in 2.5 years to start Isis Nair Coaching/Consulting. She has worked with high-growth tech businesses in WA such as Health Engine, RAC, VGW, Decimal and NGIS. She is a software engineer by training and a life-long adventurer who is passionate about the human side of technology.

Isis is also a single mum to two beautiful girls aged 11 and 13 and loves to spend her time hiking, camping and surfing. She has a fluffy little puppy called Lenny & a handsome cat named Billy :)

  • Blackbird's Giant program.
  • Founder's Institute director
  • Pitch training to Impact 100 recipients
  • Curtin Ignition
  • Curtin Accelerate
  • Startup weekends
  • Hackathons
  • Centre of Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation
  • Murdoch University legal hackathon
  • Unlimited Women
  • A group of high school students
  • Curtin University women in business 2022
  • Panelist and key note speaker: Brookfield placeleadership event 2022
  • Unlimited women’s mentorship event 2018
  • Australian Finance Association for Future of work 2018
  • Panelist and Moderator at CXO Disruption Perth and Melbourne 2016 - 2017
  • International Women’s Day event Ernst and Young - 2017
  • UWA business and commerce women’s mentoring event
  • Guest lecturer at the 3rd year Human-Computer Interaction lecture 2022
  • Speaker at Curtin Accelerate - 2020/2021/2022
  • Guest lecturer at Digital marketing - 2nd year : Notre Dame university 2018

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